Fresh fruit better than fruit juice and fruit Smoothie

Indonesia has a rich diversity of buah–buahan. Consumption of fruit can provide benefits such as, a source of vitamins, antioxidants, and others who can provide health benefits. In general the community consumes in the form of fresh fruit or processed first and is consumed in the form of juice or smoothie.

Then, more good where Yes fresh fruit or fruit juice or fruit smoothie?

Oh yeah, for those who are still confused with juice smoothie, the difference is the difference found in the Prod, if made with a juicer called juice, whereas if with blender called smoothies. Basically processing fruit with a blender or juicer will experience a mechanical reaction, so that the content in the fruit will change occurred.

The difference in the process of producing juice (Juicing) and smoothies (Blending). Pulp = Dregs. [Source:]

Research carried out at the Cempaka et al. (2014) with apples that determine the levels of quercetin (flavanoid types which can protect the body from several degenerative diseases or as an antioxidant) concluded that processing such as juicing and blending generates content quercetin is lower compared to Apple in the form of fresh. This is due to the separation occurred processing on juice and pulp (juicing process) and there is also the addition of water (on the process of blending), so that will affect the levels of quercetin.

Furthermore, Apple juice (juicing) have higher levels of quercetin on Apple smoothie compared (blending). This is due on Apple Juice cider-making occurs on all of the nutrients contained in apples and refinement of all parts of the fruit, while on the smoothie is not found the process of making cider and not all parts are mixed like using Juicer. Additionally, on the process of making cider on juicing very quickly and minimize contact with oxygen, while in the process of blending requires a longer time, so contact with oxygen will be longer and lead to decreased levels of quercetin a lot more.


More about Juicing and Blending differences [source:]


Besides the factors varieties of apples also affects the levels of quercetin, Apple varieties with Rome beauty and local Apple Manalagi which is contain quercetin higher than Fuji and Red delicious apples. Not just a matter of varieties, growing conditions and storage, and the difference in skin color on the apples plays against levels of quercetin.


  • Cempaka r. a., Santoso s., Tanuwijaya l. k. 2014. Influence of processing methods (Juicing And Blending) against the content of Quercetin a variety of local and imported varieties of Apples (Malus Domestica). Indonesian Journal of Human Nutrition.

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