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Laser Against Bird in protecting rice fields and gardens

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Thousands of species of Crimson Rosella (old big brother Australia) and Currawong (sparrows Australia) back ruined most agricultural crops in one of the Blueberry Garden Australia early in the year 2017. These birds eat nearly all blueberries belonging to farmers who named John Benson. Benson and his fellow farmers have suffered from many years of helplessly watching the hungry birds destroy the summer harvest in less than a week. blank

John Benson with his wife in the garden of his Blueberries. Behind them are also visible laser bird repellent.

On harvest Benson, almost every fruit blueberry has at least one bird bite marks. Bite marks that cause not worth selling Blueberries and Blueberry price increase resulted in a fairly drastic. Benson tries to drive out traditional instruments birds that have destroyed his crop, including scarecrow, sounds bird repellent, duct tape even cowardly bird (scare tape). However, the traditional method is not effective for protecting rice fields/gardens in long periods (to harvest). Using nets that encircle the rice field/garden also too expensive, whereas the fruit of blueberrynya sold in the local market. Benson who is a farmer at once academics (Graduate Degree) browse through the solution on the internet and look for the most effective method in all parts of the world to eradicate the pest birds. The search results brings Benson to put the services of company "Bird Control Group". The company is using laser technology to harness the natural instinct of the birds and instinct. Birds see a laser beam approaching as predator/predator, as a result of the bird will fly away in order to make them feel welcome. blank

Photo Agrilaser Autonomic, laser bird repellent

Laser-based equipment that emits a laser beam by combining filtration/filter, frequency of light, and the servo in order to move play to the right and to the left and up and down. Named Agrilaser Autonomic, the tool is an environmentally friendly solution, not noisy, and not harmful to birds. Benson put up lasernya equipment in the summer of 2017 and reported that loss due to pest birds down more than 60 percent. Laser-controlled performance from the software that is on the laptop and the Assembly process tools are not complicated. It took only one hour to assemble and Autonomic Agrilaser can be used to drive away birds. Benson also do further experiments, he could achieve a better harvest and a lot by mixing patterns, rotation, direction and elevation laser, using two laser instruments simultaneously, or even combine it with another method. Combination with other methods such as the sound of the bird of prey is causing nuisance birds down to 100%. The method of casting out the bird with a laser is worth a try at farming systems Indonesia. What is the warstek best friends are not interested in implementing it?


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Nur Abdillah Siddiq
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