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How LIPI Greet 2018 and Science Advice to Resolusimu in the year 2018

Greeting cards happy new year from the Indonesia Institute of Science (LIPI)/lipi. go. id

Initiate activity in the year 2018, some of us will probably greet friends or colleagues by saying happy new year, as well as with LIPI. Reported by the official website, LIPI has released the greeting cards happy new year 2018 with unusual ways. Greeting cards with a length of only 25 mm or roughly equivalent to the size of the polio virus, created by a team of researchers from the laboratory of Focused Ion Beam (FIB) LIPI with process engraving (engraving) using Dual Beam. The release of this special greeting cards as well as the media to introduce the latest technology in an effort to strengthen LIPI owned quality research in Indonesia.

Apart from the euphoria of celebrations as well as all the welcoming ritual of the new year, many of the community may reflect and do a reflection will be the goal of what is not reached, the purpose of which is often referred to as resolution. We may wonder how to effect resolution as simple as lowering/raising the weight, or even for a more serious resolutions such as completing categorization devised proposal competition, worship in a timely manner , etc.  Is there a list of your resolution is not reached in the year 2017?

Well, it could be your resolutions are unclear and lacking in specifics had been the cause of the resolution which had long wanted to attain yet has still not achieved. Business Insider alerts you of a few of the tips involve research results and expert advice, with some additional tips from the Warstek course, hopefully can answer the challenge in reaching your resolutions.

The following tips covers a healthy lifestyle to how to increase the productivity of the self, in a way that can be practiced by anyone. Expected by recognizing what is needed to achieve a resolution, then there will be more giving opportunities to achieve it.

If getting the ideal weight is a thing to be achieved this year, then the proper resolution is to begin trying improve the quality of sleep, start moving, sweating and watch what you eat.

If one of your resolutions is to lose weight, it is worth paying attention to one study in the year 2014 and then, where researchers found a connection less sleep with obesity in children and adults. Well, have you awake at night and suddenly want to mengemil a bowl of instant noodles?. Maybe it's time you reduce hours staying up which can lead to a desire to eat at midnight. Of course eating at midnight can impact on the rising weight. Sleep quality is also widely associated with the health and fitness of the body associated with circadian rhythms on each person.

   Sports/pexels .com

The resolution that became Favorites and relate to get ideal weight adalaho exercise. Much research supports the benefits of exercise, specifically Aerobic physical activity that triggers the heartbeat rate and produce sweat. Exercise can increase the brain's cognitive ability also affects good for elderly people who suffered from alzheimer's. Best sports suggested by an expert on the psychology of sports fields, Dr. Steve Graef, is to pick one type of sport that endeared and performed regularly. This is due to the choice of sports everyone is different, some are more like running a marathon, gymnastics activities Zumba, or practice rock climbing with a certain degree of difficulty. Further, Dr. Graef reveals to Business Insider If the sport can become a life style when we menyenanginya.

                Healthy foods/pexels .com

In addition to the quality of sleep and do the appropriate sports favorites of myself, choose and set the pattern of the makanpun influence body weight. Discuss diet where the most good it will be very varied and often cause confusion in the public, not to mention various types of diet, with all the advantages it has to offer. However, from a great selection of food and diet advice, Nestlé in a single interview delivered the best nutritional intake is to consume foods that are already provided by nature, "we know that Junk food-processed foods with added sugar flavorings substances and salt is not good for health, instead incorporating a variety of vegetables and fruit in the diet are able to list a sufficient intake of nutrition to good use ".

"Eat enough food and that are already provided by nature, i.e. vegetables and fruit", a suggestion Michael Pollan. And again, the food can reflect who we are. The food you consume can affect the structure and function of the brain, especially the mood. No less important, you need to pay attention to your intake of drinks consumed. So when the weight and the body is more fit is Your main concern this year, these tips are worth trying.

Furthermore, if the resolution is becoming a better personal and happy is your target this year, how do I get started? To answer that, you need to know one of the research in the field of Psychology who report if the activity of reading, particularly books of fiction, can increase a sense of empathy and gives an understanding of the social world in a person. A sense of empathy is associated with a sense of care and have the emotion against around.

Get used to Read books and take the time/pexels. com

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are examples of figures that make reading activity as a habit that also affect the success of their life.

And then, what if you want to feel more happy?. Happy of course to have a broad definition, depending on each specific achievements, it will be because a sense of happy person. But do you know if not just by reaching a certain things that can make a person feel happy, by sharing what we already achieved can contribute happiness back to the person who gave it. In addition, the material doesn't always guarantee happiness, research in the year 2017 and then found that by taking and enjoy time with those closest could improve a person's happiness level than their more the pursuit of money. So, if the money hasn't made you happy, try to take some time, for example establish silaturrahim with people nearby.

Become more productive and useful, can?. Of course it can, try starting with the optimizing of spare time and reduce working hours. Working full-time are often interpreted as something productive, but not according to expert performance, Brad Magness and Steve Stulberg, as reported by the pula from Business Insider. They argue if things that can make a person more productive are those who are able to take the time to take a break from the routine.

Take a break/fotolia .com

When it was exhausted, it is recommended that You pause from work and other activities that can refresh the mind, for example, serve 30ru sunnah for Muslims, walk around the Office, and simple physical activities others. Fresh thoughts will certainly encourage new ideas that have an impact on the productivity of the self.

However, if the above resolution tips is not Your priority, but for other things, for example a student achievers through various competitions, completing a thesis/theses so that academic degree, or may be embedded quickly grabbed profession with a specific position with regard to the increase of identity and self recognition in the professional realm, then advice from Derek Sivers you need to look for, because you might have to work in silence to make it happen.


The main and most important thing that do not forgotten, any resolutions and tips that you will try to accomplish, always include a good strong intentions and accompanied by prayer.

Well, the above tips may not yet include your resolutions, or there may be additional tips that are effected by the results of research or other expert opinion can be used as a reference Warstek reader? Don't be shy to add in the comments field yaa.

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