How Marina Bay Sands Can Pamper your Luxury Living Dream

marina bay sands

Marina Bay Sands is a unique place to stay during holidays. Are you on a holiday or business trip? You can go there to make your trip go well. 

It is a resort with many excellent facilities. It is also a complex of entertainment places within a hotel. Whatever that describes this building, it is such a great place to stay while shopping and having fun at the same time. If you ask whether this place is worth your Staycation Singapore plan or not, of course, the answer is: YES!

Things to Adore at Marina Bay Sands

The hotel is near many places. You can go to the museum, a gigantic mall, a stunning casino, theaters, and high-end restaurants in the neighborhood. 

There are endless choices of entertainment places around the hotel. Some other cultural events take place regularly for the whole year-round. 

You don’t have to go outside the hotel if you demand incredible sights within the hotel. 

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands allow all guests to access the Skypark Observation deck. Even if you are a non-hotel guest, you can also enter this place.  

There is an entrance fee. But it is still worth paying. For sure, hotel guests can enter freely. They should only use their room cards for entering either the lifts or the deck. 

For another alternative place to spend the day, the Singapore Straits is the right place for guests to enjoy various beverages and snacks and access the refreshments. The area also sells memorabilia of Marina Bay. 

Adorable Rooms 

Of course, anyone can expect luxurious rooms. With such a highly-priced rent cost, everyone will get more than they have paid for. Just admit that everyone always expects the best bathroom for their hotel room. Marina Bay Sands understands this desire. That is why it delivers adorably designed bathrooms with spacious sizes.

The bathroom is spacious. Within the bathroom is the oval bath that includes the wet room shower. The area has a half-screen glass to separate two parts of the toilet. Plus, the design is luxurious. Even the wardrobe is also quite huge that guests can bring their outfits to stay for the whole month. There are complete amenities for guests’ clothes like laundry bags and iron as well as its ironing board. 

Choosing rooms with queen size beds will be very astonishing. The size of the bed is suitable enough for guests who need the right space that is not too big or too small. The white linens here are gorgeous with such excellent quality. Each side of the table has a big desk for keeping almost everything that guests have. The wall lights are available, along with the USB chargers as well as the sockets. 

For those who stay for Staycation Singapore, working remotely here is as fun as they might have imagined before. The snack tray is full of expensive snacks. Not to mention the mini bar fridge. There are even some sockets and charging ports on the working desk. Such an amazing hotel for remote working.

Ready to stay at Marina Bay Sands? You don’t have to bring too much because you will get lots of shopping here. Luckily, you can find best 80% discounts hotel on Traveloka during Epic Sale at the beginning of October 2021.

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