The Results Showed The Problem Of Life Makes Us Stronger

Never had a problem or meet with people who have a lot of problems?

Maybe we have heard stories from our parents through his youth with exertion. Then our parents tell of his achievements with pride because it has been through it. Maybe never did we feel only when dealing with a problem as ever experienced heavier things. As it turns out, obstacles or this test if we can set it up properly, it will give strength to us[1].

Many proverbs or parables to uplifting the living come exam time. For example, consider the test as a test of whether our children ride a class or not. A Germany, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche says, “that which does not kill us, make us stronger“. In the Holy Book of Muslims, many verses of the Qur’an, the motivation to keep trying and not despair against the God-given exam. Suppose in surat Al-Baqarah 286 which confirmed that God does not give the test beyond the capability of his slaves. And also reaffirmed in the letter Al Insyirah 5-6 that in every difficulty there is relief[2].

The results of research on Stress and the condition of the mind which turns out to be Interconnected 

Research conducted by Seery [3]reveals that the test of life we experience can give strength to us in living life. 2398 against surveys Seery people respondents in the United States at random. Respondents to provide data on life satisfaction and life they’ve experienced. In his research, obtained that in certain examination thus making them increasingly tough to face your next exam. The existence of the problem of life makes them have higher life satisfaction compared to those who feel has never had a problem. However, this study has limitations do not judge the quality of each exam respondennya. One of the usual test for one person could mean greater for others. McGonigal in his book, The Upside of Stress, wrote that a person who has a “growth mindset” tend to be more patient and using a test that he as beaten mentally. It also results in people with a growth mindset can be more resilient in the future. Our mind has an important role how to respond to the stress of every life problem [4]

Our minds not only stimulate the psychological effect the appearance of self-confidence or become feel excited, but also the effect on the metabolism in the body. As found by Alia Crum, that they consider the activities work is as sports shows weight loss and blood pressure compared to those who regard the work as a burden[5]. A survey done by giving the same drink with different labels (one glass with the label that the drinks contain a lot of calories and other glass contains little calories) shows different response against the levels of Ghrelin, hormonal managers of the sense of satiety[6]. Although the number of calories contained is actually the same. Likewise with the stress effect conferring, whether positive or negative, depending on how our mind.

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