Amphibious materials (Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Properties which can be Ditukar-tukar)

Hydrophobic are substances that hate the water, meaning it is hard to mix with water. Suppose is the oil. Hydrophilic is a substance like water, this means that this substance is easily soluble in water such as vinegar. Research conducted by Marjo Kettunen in his doctorate dissertation, the hydrophobic nature synthesize nanocellulose and hidrofiliknya can be personalised way. At the time the overwhelmingly hydrophilic nanocellulose, is capable of absorbing water up to 16 times the weight of the first.

Disentesa Nanocellulose form the aerogel using freeze drying. Aerogel is a substance that has porisitas up to 90%. So arguably, 90% of the aerogel is space empty of substance. This space will serve as a place for the water that is absorbed in addition because the bonds between the cluster hidrosil – OH on nanocellulose and water. Drying using freeze drying to minimize the occurrence of pengkerutan when creating the aerogel. Freeze drying is the drying in sublimation. The solvent is frozen then pressure will be reduced so the sublimation. Aerogel process can be seen in the figure below.

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