The suggestion of Crying, according to Quran and Sunnah, as well as its influence on health (COMPLETE)


Al-Quran, a book which is guarded by the God Almighty

"Then let them laugh a little and cry a lot, as a retaliation of what they always used to do." (At-Tawba: 82).

"And when they listen to what was revealed to the Apostle (Muhammad), you see their eyes shed a tear (cry) caused the truth (Al Quran) they already know (from the books themselves); saying: "o our Lord, we believe, then we make a note with a witness over rang the truth of Al Quran and the prophetic Muhammed." (Al Maa'idah: 83)

Written by Abdallah Nur Siddiq-Crying is recommended by God Almighty that is described in the Quran and Sunnah especially during worship to God. The word "cry" in the Al-Quran mentioned as much as 8 times, i.e. An-Najm: 43, At-Tauba: 82, Joseph: 12, Al-Isra ': 109, Maryam: 58, An-Najm: 60, At-Tauba: 92 and Al Maa'idah: 83. In addition, many Hadith that explain the primacy of crying. Please be aware that Dhikr is not limited to oral remembrance only, but includes also all the other limbs, then oral Dhikr is to praise, is the Dhikr with crying, Dhikr hand is to give, Dhikr both ears are by listening with good body, Dhikr is to run the command, the heart is the Dhikr with feelings of fear and full of hope, and remembrance of the spirit is to surrender and felt the pleasure with the destiny Allah (Abu Al-Ma'ali Umar, 2006).

The eye is one of the senses of the human body which are very complex and serves as the sense of sight. Although its function for human life is very important, but often the eye health less cared for so many diseases that attack the untreated and causes eyesight to blindness. According to the Department of Health, eye disease was ranked 8 out of 10 diseases most of the year 2011 with 25,067 cases of eye diseases. Even ten million Americans, most women aren't pretty much tears and suffering "dry eye" (Judy Foreman, 1996).

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