Is It True That Drinking Milk Promote Health?

drink milk

 Is it true that money we spend to buy milk can improve our health? bone health?

By Abdul Haleem-a recent study conducted in Sweden (October 2014) prove that drinking milk is not always strengthen our bones. The study showed that the absence of relationship between drinking milk with the strength of the bones. Although the cause of why and the effect has yet to be proven, but this discovery was enough to base so that we are not too excessive in drinking milk.  In fact, two-thirds of the population lacks enzymes that break down lactose in milk, thus causing some digestive problems. Nevertheless, the majority of the public still drinking milk in hopes of giving benefits to their bones. But the country with the highest osteoporosis rates like the US and other European countries is precisely the countries with the biggest milk consumption levels. Supposedly if the milk can strengthen bones, then osteoporosis problems will not occur in the country with the biggest milk consumption levels.

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