Not with a Healthy 4 5 perfect, but with the Balanced Nutrition

Maybe you've heard the slogan 4 healthy 5 perfect aiming to meet the nutritional needs of the body. The slogan 4 healthy 5 perfect starting in 1952 which was introduced by Mr. Nutrition Indonesia Prof. Poorwo Soedarmo which refers to the Basic principles of the Four United States. Principle 4 5 perfect healthy consists of staple food, side dishes, vegetables, and fruit – buahan, and drink the milk. However, did you know that the slogan is no longer used today, because it was not in keeping with developments and problems of nutrition today.

At the Food Conference in Rome in 1992, Congressional agreement to resolve problems on nutrition by using principles of Nutrition Guide for Balanced Diet. In Indonesia known as balanced nutrition guidelines. What is it? and just about anything that needs to be taken care of in order for balanced nutrition? Yuk refer to reviews here.

Tumpeng Balanced Nutrition

1. Consuming Food Variety

Every food has a source of nutrients each, so we need a diverse food consumption to meet the nutritional substances. These include consumption, 1) source of carbohydrates, which can be derived from rice, potatoes, and bulbs can be consumed 3-4 servings per day (per 100 gram portion or equivalent glass 3/4 white milled rice rice), 2) sources of protein can be derived from animal protein, such as meat, fish, and eggs, as well as vegetable protein like, tofu and tempe could be consumed as much as 2 – 4 servings (70-160 gr 2-4 or around slices of meat and 100-400 gr or equal 4-8 cut the tempeh and tofu), 3) source of fiber and vitamins with fruit and vegetable consumption can the fruit is consumed for 2 -3 times (150 g or about 3 oranges) per day, and vegetables 3 -4 times (250 grams or approximately 2 1/2 cups vegetable) per day.

2. Limit consumption of salt, sugar, and oil, as well as white water consumption cukupi

In addition, limit consumption of foods bermanis, salty and fatty, which can be derived from processed food such as fried, food industry, or other. For each day is only allowed for 4 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, and 5 tablespoons oil, because if excessive can increase the risk of Disease is not Contagious (PTM) such as cardiovascular disease (diseases of the heart and blood vessels ), diabetes, and cancer. As well as a pretty white water consumption in a day is recommended at least 8 glasses of water, it is important for the prevention of dehydration and helps the metabolic processes of the body.

3. Get Used To The Behavior Of Clean Living

Clean living is required for the prevention of infections that can lead to loss of appetite and needs nutrients decreases, the trick with, 1) wash your hands before eating, giving BREAST MILK, preparing food, and after defecating and urinating small, 2) close the food that is served to prevent the living flies, 3) close the mouth and nose upon sneezing

4. Doing Physical Activity And Normal Body Weight Monitor

Physical activity is needed to balance between income and expenditure, nutritional substances in addition to improve the nutritional metabolism systems in the body, such as with sports. The time index of the body (IMT) be an indicator of the existence of the balance of nutrients in the body. IMT can be calculated by means of IMT = (weight (kg)/Tinggi badan2 (m)). Therefore, weight monitoring is indispensable. IMT is normal for an adult is 18.5 – 25.0. If less then enter weight less, and if the excess then the excess body weight, as well as categorized suffering from obesity if IMTnya ≥ 27.


  • Balanced Nutrition Guidelines. 2014. The Ministry Of Health Of INDONESIA.

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