Pavlok tools that able to change Habits

"You're defined by what you do repeatedly. Therefore, success is not an action but rather a habit "(Aristotle)

Pavlok is a tool shaped watch capable of making users able to change a habit, especially any bad habit, the habit of it. Connect with smartphone, Pavlok is a revolutionary technology products in changing habits.


Electric shock sensations give Pavlok midsized when users do a bad habit to dirubahnya. These bad habits including biting a finger, often want to sleep, smoking, eating fast food, sit continuously that makes fat, spending time with the leading online laptops that makes fat and bored, etc. With Pavlok, then these bad habits can be changed within 5 days!


Mechanism of action of Pavlok is the first user to choose the bad habit of being stopped. Then each time the user placing the event it will be stung. Guide its usage has been explained in full in the Android Software Pavlok.


Calm, sengatannya can be set and of course safe. Here is the comparison stings Pavlok and other shock-shock.


Here is a video testimony from Marty who successfully quit smoking habit after using Pavlok

Once we can be freed from bad habits, then we can form a productive new habits, such as:

  • Exercise every day
  • Learn a language
  • Creative writing
  • Paint
  • Meditation
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food
  • In studying and mastering new hobby
  • and another positive habits as much as the extent to which we can imagine

Curious Pavlok deeper? Here's the video

How are you interested in having Pavlok? The price is around 100 dollar Pavlok, if the exchange rate 1 dollar = Rp. 13,000, then the price is Rp. 1.3 million.

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