Inspired Rescue Robot from Body Shape of Cockroaches

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The development of robotics technology, has been widely inspired from forms owned by animals.A�The nature possessed by animals is a distinctive feature to be learned.A�Especially how animals can do extraordinary things like walking, flying, into the small cracks that are difficult to do by humans.

Recently (February 2018), a team of scientists from theA�Department of Integrative BiologyA�, University of California Berkeley, collaborated also with Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania, conducted robotics research that was inspired by the shape of cockroaches.A�The research was then published in the PNAS journalA�A�entitled, “A�Cockroaches traverse crevices, crawling rapidly in confined spaces, and inspired a soft, legged robotsA�”A�[1] [2]A�.

Cockroaches, cockroaches, or coros are insects (A�InsectaA�classA�A�) of theA�BlattodeaA�orderA�A�A�of approximately 3,500 species in 6 families.A�The body of cockroaches is difficult to destroy even with a nuclear bomb, because of this, the cockroach body becomes an inspiration in robot research that they doA�[3]A�.

Figure 1. Robot made to resemble the shape of cockroaches [4]

The most important feature of cockroaches is that these animals can enter a gap that is only the size of a tenth of an inch (several millimeters).A�In addition, cockroaches can also run quickly in a compressed room up to half of their height.A�The scientists also found that cockroaches can withstand the force force applied to their bodies up to 900x of their body weight without injuring cockroachesA�[4]A�.

The cockroach robot is designed in the form of a simple prototype the size of a palm without using a computer system and a sophisticated program as a control.A�Before the cockroach robots were made they first studied how animals walk, run, jump, glide, crawl, to learn the nature of the biomechanical systems that are the basis of moving animals in the Poly-PEDAL lab specifically research the basic properties of animalsA�[4] [5 ] [6]A�.

In the end, this robot research will be used for various rescue missions in various disasters caused by floods, earthquakes, etc.A�One of the highlights of this research topic is as a rescue mission robot in an earthquake, where the cockroach robot can easily slip into the ruins of buildings and also can easily go to locations that are very difficult to reach by humans and also includes robots other sophisticated.A�The cockroach robot will be used as a monitoring condition as well as a robot quest mission of victims buried in the ruins of the building.


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