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This is Scientific Reason Why You Fails Your Annual Resolution

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In 2010 especially during the new year, inA�my facebookA�timelineA�many people have installed the resolution early in the year.A�I think this kind of thing is just around my friendship, it turns out after reading the book by Young, I became aware that it seems in the United States also apply the same.A�People make resolutions at the beginning of the year.

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Tragically 80 percent of them surrendered in January.A�One of my friends also told how he had been lazy to make resolutions because of the achievement is not optimal.A�We also often have targets A, B, C and D but many are not achieved.A�Some people or motivators may advise that we are less enthusiastic or lacking in intentions.A�However, the research results prove that not because we lack intentions or lack of knowledge, but we alone do not know how theA�science of the process of changeA�.

Since a few months ago, I read books about customs or in English isA�HABIT.A�Two of the book isA�The Power of HabitA�bouquetA�Charles DuhiggA�andA�Stick with itA�a bouquet ofA�Sean YoungA�.A�Charles Duhigg is a graduate of Yale and Harvard, one of the top campuses in America and even the world.A�While Sean Young is a lecturer at UCLA graduates of UCLA and Stanford.A�At Yale, Duhigg studied history and at Harvard studied business.A�Young at UCLA studied music and at Stanford studied psychology.A�Both of these books in my opinion are very useful because not only open the insight that the thing that has beenA�considered the science approximatelyA�it has a very basic foundation.

Resolution of the beginning of the year.A�Source:

Because I feel that what I have read is very useful, I try to share with all my friends warstek about the contents of the 2 books I read (A�The Power of HabitA�A�andA�Stick with itA�).A�I will try to write it down once a week.A�Please pray for it to be istiqomah to continue writing.A�If it turns out my writing has not been out for a week, please jewer me with a comment or mention me in social media account so I can remain istiqomah.

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Why do not I just photograph the contents of his book and I share it for all to read.A�The first reason is copyright.A�I do not want to infringe copyright.A�I feel that our knowledge of blessing and useful then how to get it must be kosher.A�Secondly, if I give it directly, it is less likely to be read, let alone the book is in English.

Okay, so many preliminaries.

The process of habit formation

First I start with the process of habit formation.A�Our Brain Alhamdulillah is given by God the ability to make efficient by habit.A�With the habit, we do not need to bother thinking about many things.A�Suppose when driving a car, we do not need to think much, our actions as automatic.A�What exactly is the habit or habit?A�Many studies have shown that habits can be formed by three phases.A�The first phase is the lighter, the second phase is the action and the third phase is a gift.A�A smoker for example.A�Usually they will smoke when finished eating or because there are friends or guests.A�Finished eating or the presence of this friend is a lighter.

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The presence of a lighter makes the brain summon a program that has been written to do something that is taking cigarettes, lighting matches and smoking.A�Caffeine or the craving that comes from smoking causes the brain to secrete dopamine.A�Hormones that play a role in pleasure.A�There is also one of us who unconsciously point the cursor to the chrome logo to open the internet when turning on the laptop.A�Turning on the laptop is the lighter suspect to move the cursor to the chrome is an action then the pleasure of surfing in cyberspace will invite dopamine.

What to do with the failure of the annual resolution?

During self-development training, we are taught to make big targets to achieve and then create stages to achieve those targets.A�Keep each measured target.A�The problem is, many do not know how big the stages to be made?A�Many can not distinguish between Dream, Goal and Step.A�Dream is something long term and we have never achieved it.A�Goal is a medium-term thing and we’ve got it.A�Step is something short-term to achieve the goal.A�No matter how small something is as long as you have never achieved it then it includes dreams.

A programmer may want the app to be downloaded by a thousand users.A�So it was the dream he dreamed of this year.A�Other programmers have dream for the application to be downloaded by a million users.A�Because he has his app experience downloaded by two thousand users, then when he makes the stage to achieve the target of a thousand users, then this stage includes a goal for him.A�Unlike previous programmers who did not have previous experience.

How does science answer that?

When we reach or get the goal then dopamine will appear in our brain.A�Unfortunately, it turns out our brains can not wait for dopamine.A�Goal that can not be achieved within a week may make our mind tired of waiting and make the range to surrender unconsciously.A�Research proves that if we focus on the dream compared to the goal then the possibility to surrender will be greater.A�Our brains are relative and subjective.A�Researchers conducted a survey to two groups to guess how many people in Chicago.A�The first group is told to guess whether it is bigger or less than 200 thousand and the second group is asked to guess whether it is bigger or less than one and a half million.A�Apparently, the answers from the group differ depending on how to ask.A�The first group involuntarily has made 200 thousand as a measure.A�The second group also became one-half as well as their benchmark in guessing the population of Chicago.

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Our mind is so when responding to something whether to issue dopamine or not.A�Someone promised money 10 thousand rupiah was getting 20 thousand will be more happy than those promised 100 thousand rupiah turned out to get 50 thousand.A�Something that matches or is greater than expectations will get dopamine while the less is not.A�Goal planned for a week but a week will not get dopamine.A�Goal is achieved but because thinking dreams continue to risk not to get dopamine because what is obtained does not match the desire.

How about in business?

Applications that are too many modes and stuffing that needs to be answered also tend to decrease interest because we want the goals to be achieved immediately and get a dopamine gift.A�Products that make too long the release of dopamine tend to be abandoned.A�I give example of one brand of toothpaste.A�In America, initially toothpaste does not contain fresh mint flavor.A�This makes people lazy to use toothpaste.A�Then a company makes toothpaste with mint flavor.A�This toothpaste product makes product sales a huge success.A�Why exactly?

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a toothpaste containing mint will excite with fresh and clean sensations so that people will fall in love with dopamine and soon the habit will form.A�Toothpaste without mint, makes people feel waiting to get healthy and clean teeth.A�Another example is the room deodorizer product.A�When sold to remove clothes odor, the product is not sold.A�But when sold as perfume after cleaning the house, the product perfume this room became a hard sell when at that time this product only as a supporter when cleaning it.A�This is because, after cleaning, people get more happy feelings with fragrances so they will feel something is missing when not using the product.

So, the way that we can continue istiqomah towards our target until our dream is achieved is make the goals as selogis possible and as surely as possible we will be able to achieve it.A�That’s roughly what I can share this week.A�Next week inshaAllah will start with the science of the community how he formed our habits.


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