Viral-Slaughterbots, Terrifying Short Film About Autonomous Robots Capable of Slaughtering Human Beings

The Future of Life Institute  has released a short film that warned about the dangers of autonomous killer robots. The autonomous killer robot is a robot that can kill someone just by entering the data of the person who will be killed in the process and are not controlled by humans.

Adapted from titled “Watch the ‘ Slaughterbots, ‘ A Warning About the Future of Killer Bots”

On November 17, 2017, the Future of Life Institute which is the development of artificial intelligence watchdog organization has made a robot his imagination alone. The imagination of robot named with “SlaughterBots” or the robot pembantai. SlaughterBots is told in a short film that was horrible. Menggerikan because of the imagined future where the SlaughterBots can kill autonomously. The purpose of the film itself is to raise awareness about the dangers of autonomous robot weapons.

The short film opened with a presentation from a Silicon Valley CEO explains the product directly directly to the viewers. We certainly know this type of presentation, the presentation style of Steve Jobs. The presentation was originally describes the world of flight, something it is normal. But then the CEO issued a small robot shaped drone, the mood later turned into scary because he shows how those small drone robot able to slaughter human beings. The process of pembantaiannya is quite sadistic because “explosives” used to hollow out the skull and crush the contents of the brain.

The audience applauded and laughed along with the CEO, as though they didn’t witness anything more dangerous than the process of release of the iPhone x. CEO then explained further, showed a video about a small robot drones in action.

“Let’s see what will happen when these weapons make the decision,” said the CEO, while the robot drone that killed a number of minor villains in the video. “Now believe, that these people are all bad people.”

Then the CEO explained that the small drone robot equipped with a variety of technology canggi-“camera like you use on your social media applications, and face recognition as you have on your smartphone!”. Cameras and face recognition are used to make decisions about which target to be killed, autonomously.

To date there is still no drones such as those reflected in this short film, autonomous robots that still exists today is not yet as advanced as the robots described in short films. Unmanned aircraft (without the driver) long distance has been used on the battlefield in the Middle East and Africa for more than a decade, and American hackers put up the gun on a commercial aircraft. While ISIS using unmanned aircraft to do aerial bombardment. Late last year, police used a bomb robot to execute a gunman in Dallas. Both Russia and the United States make a tank that can be operated from a distance or the whole system created as autonomous.

So far, all this technology still relies on humans to pull pelatuknya and decide whether the person appearing in camera drones that will be killed or not. But it’s not impossible that this system will be increasingly automated to the point where the robot itself which will take the decision.

Future of Life Institute of the campaign a ban on autonomous weapons research with artificial intelligence. This of course to prevent a future film is not a reality. So far their campaign is asking for 20,000 signatures from the netizen to help mengentikan the development of autonomous pembantai robot. Even the Future of Life Institute has gained the signatures of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking to invoking the UN in order to prohibit the development of autonomous pembantai robot.

Let’s watch the video

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