Brothers Arfi'an Fuadi's and m. Arie Kurniawan-Expert Design Engineering graduates CMS

Brothers Arfi'an Fuadi's and m. Arie Kurniawan-Expert Design Engineering graduates CMS

Brothers Arfi'an Fuadi's and m. Arie Kurniawan-Expert Design Engineering graduates CMS

Written by Abdallah Nur Siddiq-CMS Automotive Mechanical Engineering Graduate, but was able to beat a man who holds PhD and graduated from Oxford in the competition of three dimensional (3D) held by General Electric?

Is Arfi'an Fuadi's brothers and m. Arie Kurniawan.

In the year 2013, Arie won the competition in three dimensions (3D) design engineering for jet engine brackets (penggantung jet engine aircraft) held General Electric (GE) of the United States. Arie beat around 700 participants from 56 countries.

Arie manages to reduce the weight of the tool penggantung jet engines from 2 pounds more into 327 grams, the reduction amounted to 84%! Of course with retaining power transport jet engines weighed 9,500 pounds (4,300 kg).

Arie beat design engineering experts that the level of education far above him. For example, the runners-up earned a PhD from Sweden who worked in the Swedish Air Force. While the number three graduates of Oxford University who now works at Airbus.

At a glance unreasonable indeed. How can a graduate of SMK never get educational material CAD (computer aided design) was able to defeat the doctoral student and S-3 were employed in aircraft manufacturer? CAD is a computer program for drawing of a product or part of a product. The following example products design results from the brothers Arfi'an Fuadi's and m. Arie Kurniawan.

Casing design CMS Graduates work Car

Casing design CMS Graduates work Car

Water treatment system design work of CMS Graduates

Water treatment system design work of CMS Graduates

Apparently, the science utak-atik engineering design was obtained and explored Arie and his older brother, Arfi, is self-taught. Almost every day the two perform various experiments using the program on his computer. They also learned from the references very much on various sites about design engineering.

Before becoming a professional in the field of engineering design, the two sons of the family a. Sya'roni was apparently have to slam the bones work serabutan help the economy of the family. A graduate of Arfi SMK Negeri Semarang in 2005 7 once worked as a handyman, photo printing in motorcycle repair shop, until the sale of the milk round the village. The younger brother also was not much different, so builders lose sand from truck to washerwoman motor.

New in 2009 Arfi can talent and her interest in the field of computer programs. On 9 December of that year he ventured to set up a company in the field of design engineering. The Name D-Tech Engineering Salatiga. Witness the establishment of the company is computer AMD 3000 +. The computer was purchased from the urunan family and money salary Arfi while still working at PT Pos Indonesia.

Since the continuing flow of orders that never deserted. The design model booking any corroboration of the immeasurable. Start Corral cows are assembled without nails ordered people to design New Zealand fertilizer spreaders ordered United States companies.

Over the past five years, D-Tech has been working on at least 150 design projects. Of course the financial results obtained any significant.

Although he had a myriad of experience and recognized international companies, Arfi and Arie is still not yet engaged in engineering design Indonesia. The cause, they are just and certified by CMS.

The stigma of "just and certified by CMS" plus rated Indonesia's education system less fair that major who desire Arie continuing education level S-1 in Electrical Engineering University of Diponegoro (Undip). Arie didn't get in that Department because only the mechanical automotive VOCATIONAL SCHOOL graduates.


Even though rejected, Arie was not disappointed. With the older sister, she still wanted to show the achievements the nation name scent. And it has been proved by winning competition design engineering in America followed by experts from various countries. In addition, they do not hesitate to transmit their knowledge to the younger kids so that 3D design engineering technology literacy.

They also have a desire to develop renewable energy technologies. One of them is by developing wind power plant design.

With all that effort, they had one dream, namely to develop local resources for the small town of Salatiga was manufacturing technology development center. Like Silicon Valley in San Francisco, United States.


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