Siringmakar 2: become a husband “Pregnant”;

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Good evening, welcome to mother Hilda Meiryandah as presenters for the second edition of siringmakar this time. I say thank you for your time to share your knowledge to all of us here. The second edition of Siringmakar will discuss about “being Pregnant Husband”. What the hell is the meaning?

Being pregnant is the husband of bagaimna support the wife when she was pregnant. Anything required by the wife and anything required by the husband from the wife so that the husband could properly support his wife

Previously, I introduce the mother Hilda is being pursued a master’s in medical science Department of the University of Tsukuba. He pursued a degree in nursing at the University of Indonesia.

To mother Hilda I survivors exposed his research.


Discussion participants: Welcome to Mother Hilda, Wow this is a very useful peneltian, the role of the husband towards his wife is pregnant.

Presenters: Whoa, good evening all! Makasi Mas Haliim already believed to create share here. Hopefully can learn sama2 yaa ?. So gini, we first surgical yaa concept support. Macem2 ya everyone to share it. But in general, there are 4 support:

  1. Emotional support (including affection)
  2. Support information
  3. Tangible support
  4. Financial support

Both are pregnant or not, all four this is important. But when the mentoring mom pregnant, yg will be different forms of support.

1. Emotional support. For example, calming feeling, listen to problems, make a laughing gitu2 yaa. Include expressing feelings. For married couples might be considered too weird the reply said “Dear you” apaa or so. But believe this deh, important! And helps improve hormone of happiness.

Naah especially pregnant women, especially in the early trimester when hormonnya again changed drastically, the husband should be more “wise” to accompany the mother. Sometimes, they will be more reason for anger or ga clear nangisnya senangis cry. But remains steadfast in support of emotion and affection yaa.

If Home Affairs could be aided perhaps by ART, but wrote his name that spousal nggaak affection can be obtained apart from husband:)

Artikel Lainnya:

2. Support information. So, it’s important for fathers to be smart to question pregnancy and other things. Take your wife’s pregnancy problem problem discussion, children, etc. The candidate’s father must diligently read and search the info so that it could provide important info when mom dont know. For example, apa aja yg hal2 should be done or not done by bumil.

So bumil dont feel yourself through the process of pregnancy. Learning the spirit of the (prospective) father!

3. Tangible support. It’s like AIDS beresin home, Cook, nyuci, etc. The assistance point is “visible”. Daddy dont be TODO ngerjain prestige home hehe. Help lah sedikit2 TODO bumil to lighten the load. Bayangin si bumil udah deh, bring the weight on her body. Will more quickly fatigued. So, the slightest help of husband would prove meaningless.

Love mentoring when control content, nganter as kemana2 beliin, yg is desired. So yaa

4. Financial support. This is definitely already in the know lah ya hehe. Kalo said participant I, “it wrote so deciding.” This bener determinant especially when udah deket labor. But, this does not mean that the main reply:)

Many of the wealthy and propertied husband always provide money, just that his presence is not felt. This is jg is less precise.

Participants of the discussion: what about support?

Presenters: Waah iyaa bener Mbaa. Prayer jg important:)

Discussion participants: means there are 5 support kan, bu, in general?

Presenters: I looked at prayer as a form of human beings to God, pinta Mbaa. So, we asked God to “someone”. Somewhat different from the reply I explained. Last reply I describe above is a direct relationship between husband and wife. Wallahua’lam. But no problem if you want to there are assumed to be 5 hehe. Several other theories support jg bermacam2 expose it.

Participants of the discussion: I think these are very major prayer support, because in the presence of a prayer, the Lord always keep hamba2nya. There are some husbands who may be carrying out 4 the support above, but underestimate the support of prayer, seakan2 world exists because there is effort, not because of the creator. However, there is also the husband of which, indeed, has to be constrained because much with my wife, then doalah satu2nya support he could/was able to do.

Moderator: thanks teteh Hilda over pemaparannya. I was intrigued by the hormones of happiness. Kira2 what hormones work?

Presenters: Hehe gomeen Mas Halim I dont investigate physiological. But there is one hormone yg is known, his name is role of oxytocin.

Moderator: Oh yes another one, if for example it from the husband. What about the wife? Sometimes the husband erroneously understood the will of his wife when she was pregnant, so often misunderstood

Discussion participants: Appropriate experience is indeed true, for when my wife was pregnant, used to be the default hangout outside continue, eating out, and anyway the woodworking.  Both, sama2.  I have one question bu ni, Hilda. Right, not all the comfortable wife accompanied by husband while pregnant, there are some who even hate the same wife husband, even the smell of keringatnya just doesn’t like it, then support what can be done by the husband if like that?

Presenters: Naah this jg iyaa quite often appear. It is important for communication and clarification, Mas. Jg’s wife should try to communicate the actual desired apa2 clearly. Jg husband should try to understand the situation and what it takes. Earlier, back to support 3 about information. Getting to know the father of hal2 surrounding the pregnancy, will be better able to understand the situation of the mother. Well if it turns out that bumil more sensitive, so that jg yg part must be understood by Mr. If this, the form it takes is yg support by not adding to the discomfort of the mother. Maybe for a while Dad did have to slightly keep your distance, but it does not mean not “present”. Can still help meet financial needs, try to help provide the information or communication without having to face to face.

Participants of the discussion: what the/perhatian Support when the husband worked outside the city?

Presenters: with technology developing yg right now, I think a great many hal2 yg can still be husband to do though is. Via telephone for example, when the husband asked conditions, feelings, etc. The need for affection and attention can be fulfilled. Father of Pengingatan2 for example, about the schedule control, food, etc. form an important support DND. Daan fixed jg bs, financially done though is hehe

Participants of the discussion: If the mother’s own experiences of time pregnant, kira2 hal2 what need to be prepared by the husband, maybe mentally, as the wife who is pregnant for the first time usually experience a great many changes? Our House of Adam must have getting started early, especially for young bapak2 calon2, and whether the next dikehamilan it also happen again? Thank you. If the husband is being derailed economy bu, suppose that recently LAID OFF or just the business roll mats, whether financial support benar2 should there be? Such a condition is not uncommon, even overwrite orang2 all around us, and even most artists of the past such as that before the finally successful.

Moderator: financial burden at least not to add burdensome and so thoughts of wife times Yes. Let the wife did not increase stress. sometime right when pregnant, so she feels a bit up and down and rising drastically, the descent too drastically.

Discussion participants: thus dukungan2 can ya mas flexible, depending on the situation and conditions.

Presenters: Kalo yg I encountered evidence of in the field, suami2 many yg don’t know yet as to what his role while pregnant, giving birth and afterwards. Or think that her husband wrote important search work and bring in money to make ends meet. But there are other things jg yg an bumil need. The bottom line, making bumil dont feel alone in undergoing the process of pregnancy until the child rearing

Presenters: like I told you, yg Mas. The main reply is not financial, but it is indeed quite important. However, there are basic needs to be met by yg’s mother and the prospective baby

Baca juga:

Moderator: Mas Abdul Halim: probably on the point, because the wife is already a bit tired of physical and mind, don’t quite add add to the burden. Suppose that initially his wife join the thought of earning, while pregnant is reduced first. Not true anyway. menduga2 banget nih gw. hehehehhe

Presenters: Hehe maaf2 if less detail explanation. Financial support is not meant that the father should support banyaaaak money to meet all of what it wants. Iyaa definitely adjust sikon Maas

Participants of the discussion: Mrs Hilda, books recommended treatment for trkait bumil what is Bu?

Presenters: Hmm, the better baby book Maas. Or if yg udah easy now quite many applications associated with pregnancy. More reach

Discussion participants: well Yes Dr. sking bnyaknya sya jd confused Bu, ad yg saran2 jg g cnderung n scientific superstition, it banned it etc, it is recommended that this etc., pdhl tdak there scientific evidence

Discussion participants: Then, what about the perpetrators of the polygamy bu? Is there a special treatment in order to support the 4 are met?

Presenters: Yg, I understand the needs of every woman or wife berbeda2 yaa Mas:). But the form of the reply can be given support remain the same. When the father already did polygamy, we assume she’s already know how to do justice and be able to meet the needs of each of his wives well. Istri2nya also know the condition of the husband. If asked, the special treatment back to life adaptation skills husband how to set the time, attention, energy, etc. for all his wife. I alluded a bit some previous research. The husband’s support was influenced by some of the things the reply comes from the individual, community and policy.

It includes the individual’s level of knowledge, value of life, life adaptation skills, psychological and physiological condition.

Community that social support, cultural values, and environmental stressor

Policy regarding government policies surrounding yaa involvement in awarding spousal support

Continue to want to emphasize as well, if the role of the husband is not just in the pregnancy aja, but must continue to raise:)

Participants of the Discussion: that is to say, the education level of a husband, the environment, social reasons, influencing the mindset of the husband in treating the wife was pregnant. In fact, naturally it all will be fulfilled. Now, the extent to which the instinct a husband/father speak? Let’s just say, he is not educated, comes from an environment that lets say lacking affection, and guidelines that are less good. Whether the less powerful instinct to be their motive in Dynamics behave like “husband is pregnant”?

Moderator: also Yes if less hard science to support a wife.

Presenters: same hell Maas’s concept of granting support:) So the husband’s presence is important to DND support after giving birth and raising children continues.

Education level is a bit different from the level of knowledge I mean yg Mas. Level of knowledge about pregnancy or about his role. Yaa can not be said if there are men of yg family lacking affection, he would fail to become men provide affection hehe. If the men were exposed to a lot of information, or it may be a lot of support from lingkubgan about related hal2 which must be done, it could be he even more. provide support than those yg probably had a higher education degree, but less exposure to information about pregnancy.

Participants of the discussion: the VOC Period first school, many do not even a dozen Cubs. My grandfather just marry until 8 x his myriad. But, my grandfather the opportunity to praise HIS school-Holland Indich School (school, Netherlands)

Moderator: because time is 1.5 hours. then siringmahar we end the event together. Thanks to mbak Hilda who was pleased to share about his research. May be useful for all of us. Hopefully the results of his research could be useful to add insight into all of us. Thank you also to all the warstek are already participating. May be useful for all of us

Discussion participants: Terimaksih bu Hilda top availability

Presenters: Siip aamiin. Apologize for shortcomings. What I share very little new from the last extent of information about the role of husband and father. Hopefully can still learn sama2. Once again sorry and thanks:)


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