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12 things in science and technology that not many people Know

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This article discusses some of the things in the world of science and technology that not everyone knows. Some of the information is important and some of the others are insightful.

1. Washing The Sponge Contains Many Bacteria

2. Mathematical equations in squeeze out Clothes

3. Jones is very important in the study of Light

For jomblowers, Jones is indeed a scary Word. Agnes singles, singles happiness, and a series of other sinister meanings. But for physicists, especially those steeped in optics and fotonika, Jones is something very beneficial, as described in the figure above. Polarization is the process pengkutuban or absorption of light filtering/so the resulting direction of light waves. The polarization we can feel when a bright afternoon sky color to blue or in this modern world polarization used to wearing sunglasses polarization or also for 3D glasses. In General, the light waves have many vibrating direction. A wave has a lot of direction of vibration is called a wave is not polarized, whereas waves vibrating in one direction are called wave polarized. And mathematics of polarization described perfectly by the Jones calculus. That includes the matrix and vector Jones.

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4. The Ostrich Cannot Fly, But Can Swim

5. Parts of the brain that play a role when taking Decisions

6. The doctor turned out to be able to operate on herself


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7. Toads can predict Earthquakes

The prediction ability of toads (Bufo bufo) against the earthquake is related to the sensitivitasnya against the changes that occur in the water where the frogs live. When the pressure occur in the Earth’s tectonic plates, the slabs of the Earth releasing the charged particles to the surface of the Earth which then reacts with the air and change the air molecules into electrically charged air with ion (Gill, 2011). According to Grant and his team in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health the year 2011 the ion will react with water and produces substances toxic or irritant. These toxic substances that trigger the colony of frogs (Bufo bufo) in L’Aquila Italy (massive earthquake) leave the area five days before the quake struck. Read more at

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8. Caffeine in Coffee Are Antioxidant

9. Artocarpus integer Potentially as Anti-cancer and Anti-Malaria

10. Speed Running Tarantula

11. The ancestors of the People of Madagascar is no originating from Indonesia

12. Nobel Laureate were mostly born in the month of June

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