It Turns Out That The Temperature Affects Our Personality

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Researchers have known that geographical differences lead to personality differences also, but not known with any certainty what the cause of this difference. A recent study published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour show that the temperature in the place we grew up is the cause of this geographical cross-section of personality differences.

Humans are warm-blooded creatures, humans will be in terms of trying to keep the body temperature at a comfortable conditions for him. This then affects human behavior, human beings will certainly choose to be inside the House if the air temperature outside of the very extreme (too hot or too cold) and will be more interested in engaging in activities beyond and explore if the temperature of the air is convenient for him. This is the underlying research.

The researchers hypothesize that people who grew up in the area with a cool temperature (approximately 220C) has a score of Alpha personalities (kesetujuan, thoroughness, emotional stability) and beta (ekstraversi and openness toward experiences) that higher than people who grew up in areas with extreme temperatures. To prove this hypothesis, then conducted the online survey was against University students in CHINA and the United States.


(source: Wei et al., 2017)

Research results show that temperatures were indeed affect personality. On a map of CHINA on the top there are rods that became the indicator of temperature and personality. Color menunujukan coolness of the air (the more yellow the more cool and the Red the more extreme). While the height of the stem indicates the score of personality. Seen that in General, people living in an area that has a cooler personality score (alpha and beta). With the existence of global climate change, perhaps we can also observe the occurrence of changes in personality anyway.

The library:

  • Wei, D., Lu, JG, Galinsky, A.d., Wu, H., Gosling ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. et al. 2017. Regional ambient temperature is associated with human personality.

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