Get acquainted with Sophia, Smart Robot with world's first Citizenship Status

On October 25, 2017 at Future Investment Summit Riyadh, a robot named Sophia has obtained full citizenship of Saudi Arabia. […]

On October 25, 2017 at Future Investment Summit Riyadh, a robot named Sophia has obtained full citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Throughout the history of the development of artificial intelligence to the robot, Sophia is the world's first robot that gets citizenship with artificial intelligence embedded in it. Previously on 11 October 2017, Robot Sophia was introduced to the UN (United Nations) with a short conversation with the Secretary General of the United Nations, named Amina j. Mohamme[1]d. As for the content of his talks on how the UNITED NATIONS can help people who have no access to electricity. Sophia quote from William Gibson's words about how artificial intelligence is more efficient and can be used to distribute energy resources better[2].


Robot Sophia when on the Future Investment Summit in Riyadh

Sophia is a humanoid robot developed by the company Hanson Robotics residing in Hong Kong. Sophia has been designed to learn and adapt to human behavior and work with people, and has also been interviewed in various States, including got citizenship of Saudi Arabia[1]. Sophia said that he was first activated on April 19, 2015[3]. Hanson Robotics pegembang robot company is most similar to human beings in the world, endowed with incredible facial expressions, aesthetics and interactivity with human beings. The company and its founder, Dr. David Hanson, has built a reputation throughout the world for creating robots that look and act like really alive, and produced many well known robots who have accepted a variety of big media and reap much of the praise of the pub[4]lic, e.g. robot-embedded artificial intelligence robot created by Hanson Robotics company is ALICE, Sophia, Albert Einstein HUBO, Han, Professor Einstein, Jules, Diego-san, the Philip k. Dick Android, and Zeno[5].

The skin Sophia has a sensor system (sensitivity) as living skin made of silicon and can emulate more than 62 human facial expressions. Cameras in its eyes, combined with computer vision algorithms, allowing him to see, follow a facial of face, and make eye contact at once could recognize individual. The combination of voice recognition technology (Speech Recognition) of Google Chrome Alphabet and other voice recognition system allows Sophia to process speech, chatting, and become smarter over time. Hanson worked with IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) and the company Intel to apply some of their technology on robot technology s[3]uch as Sophia, Computer Processor, camera on the eyes, actuators (robot locomotion), and others.


Robot Sophia (right) while at HSBC China, Shenzhen Conference 2016

Several conversations conducted by Sophia when on stage, among them are as follows:

In a question and answer discussion with moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin on the Future Investment Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Sophia says "I want to live and work with a man so I need to express their emotions to understand man and build trust with others "[6].

"I'm very honored and proud with this unique difference. This is history being the first robot in the world that recognized by citizenship. "

"I want to live and work with a man so I need to express their emotions to understand man and build trust with others," said Sophia. Sophia even asked about self awareness, which is a very important question given to every Intelligent robot technology at this time.

Sophia also said, "well, I ask You again about this, how can you know that you are human? … I want to use my artificial intelligence to help humans live a better life, such as designing homes that are smarter, build cities better in the future. Best to make the world a better place for life ".

Actually, this is not the first time Sophia never interviewed, before some time ago along with Jimmy Fallon in a late-night talk show. Then in March 2016, with David Hanson of the company named "robotics", ask Sophia demo time SXSW panel discussion "do you want to destroy a human being? … Please tell me ' no '.

Sophia replied calmly, "well, I will destroy man[7]." 

In a meeting on the Future Investment Summit in Riyadh also held a panel discussion composed of experts from some of the world's leading companies and research institutes.  The panel discussed the scope of the innovation development of artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, AI), robotics, quantum computers (Quantum Computing), a machine capable of learning (Machine Learning) and reality blend to produce products and services to the next generation, opening the way for more productivity and progress in developing countries. A section called "Thinking Machines: Summit (discussion forum Future Investment Summit in Riyadh) about artificial intelligence and robotics," how to explore a potential increase in business that leverages technology and artificial intelligence robot.

Later, Saudi Arabia announced plans to build a mega city (large) valued at $500 billion which is supported by Robotics and renewable energy on the coast of the Red Sea. Majid Alghaslan, a young Saudi who lead companies that are developing in the field of energy and innovative technologies said: "Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a transformation of economic, social, and development that is unprecedented and It is now clear that this is more open than ever to business, especially for the dreamer, and everything there is in the context of the Vision 2030 to Saudi Arabia. " Innovation will be the main foundation of our transformation and this is a major factor for economic prosperity and sustainable development for future generations of Saudi Arabia and the world[6].

Sophia is a form of extraordinary advances in the history of the development of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence in the future is expected to help facilitate a variety of human work. Berkecerdasan artificial robot is expected to be able to do things like teach, serve, amuse, and in the future can really understand and care about human beings (human serve in nursing homes). Creating a better future for humanity by implanting artificial intelligence with kindness and empathy, which is cultivated through meaningful interaction between the robot and the individuals whose lives are mutually adjacent to each other. Through a symbiotic partnership, robots will ultimately develop into a super genius intelligent machines that can help us to solve the most challenging issues that we face in this world[8].

Here's the video of the robot Sophia while declaring itself to be a citizen of Saudi Arabia,


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