How to write a research paper?

“How to write a research paper?” I began to think about this question broadly and deeply when I got to […]


“How to write a research paper?” I began to think about this question broadly and deeply when I got to know the campus world. Although since high school he has known it in the form of Scientific Writing. When on campus, of course we often deal with this one task. The task of writing which in the end becomes our initial provision in completing the final project to contribute to the development of science. However, in the end the research paper will not mean anything if it is not published or disseminated. One place to publish research papers is a journal.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019, I attended the workshop conducted by Dr. Yogi Wibisono Budhi in the ” World Class Professor ” program at the Bandung Institute of Technology. The speaker who was presented in this program was Dr. Manabu Miyamoto, he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, Gifu University . One of the topics presented was the procedure for writing research papers to be published. Dr. Manabu Miyamoto, whose name has a meaning in accordance with his profession as a professor, is a reviewer for> 20 reputable international journals.

He opened the session by introducing himself and his track record in the world of higher education, then continued by discussing an outline of the procedure for publishing research papers which can be seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Procedure for publishing scientific articles

It seems easy and short huh. But the fact is not that simple. Based on the story of Dr. Manabu Miyamoto as a reviewer who has a lot of experience in correcting rejecting research papers, there are some things that must be considered so that the manuscript is accepted by reviewers .

Papers for Publication Purposes as Research and Patent Results

The results of research and patents are two different things, even though both outcomes are publications. The difference between the two can be seen in the following Table 1.

Table 1. Differences in scientific articles for the publication of Research Results and Patents

Initial Strategy for Publishing Research Papers

Dr. Manabu Miyamoto asked questions before raising further strategies for publishing research papers. The question is “What is the most important thing for publishing your research work in scientific journals?” / “What is the most important thing for publishing your research results in scientific journals?”

Immediately what I thought was ” Manuscript / script”, because in my opinion we cannot send a research paper if you do not have the script: D. Apparently, that’s not the answer. The most important thing is novelty / novelty.

“The most important thing for publishing your research work is in a scientific journal;

 1 st is Novelty

nd is Novelty

3rd rd is Novelty “

After getting an idea with an element of novelty, what is done is to look for research papers (and patents) in related fields. This method is done to ensure that your idea is really new. Make sure there are no scientific reports with similar ideas and also look at issues currently developing in your field.

Second, determine the initial steps and the final goal of the research you will do. You do this by creating a research framework. At this stage what needs to be understood is where you are at the moment, the problem your research subject is experiencing and the latest solution to the problem.

Third, complete the experiments that you will conduct to reach the final goal of the study.

Structure of Research Paper

After completing experiments and processing data until drawing conclusions, then writing a scientific paper can be started to be completed.

Figure 2. Writing Structure of Research Paper

Introduction /  introduction . This section must be clear, simple but include various aspects related to research. The contents of this section cover the background of general research, background of scientific research, issues / problems that are being resolved and the purpose of the research to be carried out.

Experiment Section / Experiment. This part must be clear, simple but easy for others to repeat. The contents of this section include details related to tools and materials, conditions in experiments, theoretical basis and mathematical equations. The thing that is no less important than this section is the picture.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Results and Discussion /  Results and Discussion. This part must be reasonable, consistent and easy to understand. The contents of this section must clarify what findings will be claimed by presenting evidence of research results. It is no less important than this section must be able to build logic to direct the reader to a conclusion.

” Your logic may be like a leaky bucket! once plug a leak, another leak may happent ”

Important things to consider in building logic in this section are:

a. Provide data clearly.

b. Present the correct arguments, because if the arguments in your logic are wrong, they can lead to wrong assumptions.

c. Avoid ambiguity, because ambiguity can lead to wrong arguments.

d. Make efforts to avoid ambiguity, by combining several results from various points of view and referring the results of previous studies to support the results of your research.

Conclusions / conclusions. This section must be clear, simple and display your findings.

“Tip: Review your logic objectively, critism against, and be independent”

Based on the explanation of the structure of scientific papers above, the conclusions we can draw include:

a. Make all parts clear and simple.

b. Prepare simple images that are interesting and easy to understand.

c. Use quotations / references in the discussion.

d. Avoid repetition in presenting each part.

e. Re-read your scientific paper carefully before sending.

Happy reading and trying to write a research paper. Hopefully this article is useful.


All contents in this article are the author’s free translation of the public lecture delivered by Dr. Manabu Miyamoto.

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