Manifesto Of The Movement Of Intellectuals

Prologue: starting from one simple question. Written by Zulkaida Akbar-one positive of dicetuskanya-induced ethical politics by the Government of Netherlands […]

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Prologue: starting from one simple question.

Written by Zulkaida Akbar-one positive of dicetuskanya-induced ethical politics by the Government of Netherlands is the birth House of Indonesia student who knowingly to fight for the realization of the independence of Indonesia. They gather, organize and then made the vision of independence in shades of unity. Finally, the people of Indonesia successfully proclaimed independence in 1945, just 37 years since the Organization Budi Utomo who founded the House of students was declared. Earlier, hundreds of years of struggle to reach independence meet failure, while a group of youths that educated only needs 37 years to achieve independence from Indonesia.

Persoalanya is clearly not as simple as that, but should we take the lesson is that the number of House of Indonesia student who becomes a motor driving the fight when it was far less than the House of students belonging to Indonesia at this moment. At that time, only those officials who were sons or children of rich people who are entitled to higher education attended. Therefore, one question we should ask is why the current student Indonesia currently totaling far more as it rushes by age (no adaptive) and not capable of creating significant changes to the Indonesia (not progressive)? This paper is intended to answer these questions with rests on some sepihan ideas that are then assembled to answer the question: "what should be done with the House of Indonesia's current students in order to be adaptive and progressive so that it is able to Act as a locomotive change that able to bring Indonesia into a respectable Nation? "

First idea: about the role of Intellectuals

James Watt was not merely making steam engines, which he created is something that gave birth to the industrial revolution and ultimately changing the social order globally. From there the birth of Marxism, the dichotomy between borjouis-proletarian and colonialism. Oppenheimer was not simply making an atomic bomb, which he created is something that ultimately determine the configuration of global politics. Characterises with Shockley that does not merely make transistors, he created became a cornerstone of the revolution in information technology and has now been transformed into a tool for social engineering and cultural infiltration.

The atmosphere of the first Congress of Budi Utomo-Educated Youth Organizations that care for the nation's future

Indeed history proved that the scientists (intellectual) always be in motion in front of history and civilization. Perhaps this is what makes Michael hart put as many as 37 scientists in its list of 100 most influential people in the world. Another example is the revolution of France inspired some philosophers thought about democracy.

The example above is an illustration of the related role of intellectuals as the locomotive of civilization. The House of the student as part of intellectuals must realize the role and his responsibilities were great, i.e. more than just the filler teknostruktur candidate development. Because the true House of the student as part of intellectuals was the locomotive change and civilization.

Second Idea: About Academic Integrity

A learned man is someone who was involved with at least one field of science. And every character has their own science, narrative and contains its own moral values and a unique character. Therefore, each student is required to have true integrity towards Central Science investments. Integrity is not only reflected in the knowledge of science but also on the character who taught through moral values contained in each field of science.

For example, the author will consider moral values from the science of physics, the field of anonymity during the study authors group strata one at Bandung Institute of technology. Moral values is reflected in the figure of a physicist.

The physicist is an artist. A physicist looks at the universe with meaning full of top beauty and perfect harmony. A painter of revealing the beauty of the universe with canvas and ink, while physicists appreciate the beauty of the universe then mengungkapkanya the above mathematical equations. As the story when it first appeared, there was Maxwell's equations are commented: "what is a God who wrote it?" this comment is spontaneity a physicist after seeing the symmetry of Maxwell's equations, neat and beautiful arranged as well as comprehensive (can be written in the form of differential or integral).

In addition, a physicist who is normally a romantic. Someone who is able to reveal the beauty and harmony of the veiled language of mathematics course is also capable of mengungkapkanya in the string of words. The physicist was a humanist. Someone who could appreciate the dead universe is certainly able to appreciate. Humanism is reflected in the everyday life of some physics. Einstein cry along with several other physicists in Japan when the bombs. Then they berseloroh: "man never knew what he did!" Abdus Salam prize donated nobelnya to build the ICTP which his vision is to bridge the gap between East and West. Similarly, Chen nin yang, Yukawa, Plank and so on.

The physicist was a stubborn, never giving up in reaching for dreams. Kepler wait up to 20 years to arrive at the formulation of the third law. Masatoshi Kosiba is not a brilliant, she had to fight hard until finally he got the nobel prize over the discovery of the Neutrino. Currie had to traverse a few kilometers when it should be "nyambi" teaching to support his education, Currie must also cultivate berton materials with the furnace heat to just get a few grams of radioactive.

The physicist was the hero of the defenders of the truth. Galileo should accept house arrest due to maintain his conviction will be heliosentris. Often a physicist has a strong character and a unique personal. Some examples are the hermit genius Dirac, Feynman eccentric or Schrodinger the genius lovers. Another example is respected because Bohr's simplicity and his leadership. They are bound by the bonds of a specific search. As the bond between Einstein and Eddington (Germany) (United Kingdom) although they are at the time the parties mutually fight during World War 2 in progress.

Physicist and also a philosopher. The complicated mathematical formula behind, the complexity of the tools hidden desire of the human experiments, an independent who believes a certain truth: "the universe was digerakan by a simple law, running with a remarkable symmetry and harmony form beauty and grandeur ".

According to Mohamad Hatta, the character of a person is always looking for academic and defense of scientific truth. The House of Indonesia students while reaching for the independence struggle have integrity against the group that is being made. Eventually they arrive at the definition of an employee's responsibility over academic even though the background of their different kelimuan.

Idea Three: We're Just A Little Forgotten

Jalaludin grace in a book called social engineering, has said that social engineering is needed to do three things: idea, character and a massive movement. Hence, the idea or the "desire" what must we instill to melecutkan we all become a more civilized nation? One of the keys to human success is confidence, thus a nation that wants advanced course should also have confidence that high. However, when a simple question writers throw to a group of students: "such as whether the nation of Indonesia according to you?" most of them answered: corrupt, Lazy, Abused internationally (loser) and so on. This suggests a form of self-confidence of a nation that is low. Then is it true that our nation so poor?

Is it true that our nation's losers? Once, the Gurkha troops of the famous Charter is fierce and fabulous. They are accompanied by a lot of myths, one of which was their flagship knife reputedly able to divide people. When the Falklands war (against argentina), argentina's surrender indicated one of them because of fear of the Gurkha war, and none of the Gurkha to die. However, the fifty Gurkha to die in Surabaya. Who killed Gurkha? Whether soldiers or soldiers respite that killed them? Instead, Gurkha was dead by gurkha-youth-youth aged young; Arek arek-Surabaya which only with spiky bamboo and desire to remain independent.

In the book the war on Europe and United Kingdom forces Churcill prowess. And one source stated that during World War 2 none United Kingdom Generals who died. However, a General in the United Kingdom died in Surabaya. Yet again by a group of youths who only with spiky bamboo and desire to remain independent. IRE United Kingdom bring havoc to Surabaya who bombarded attacks from land, sea and air. Imagine such noisy conditions, there are just desperate to climb the roof of the hotel Yamato to simply replace the red, white, blue to the color red and dwi.

We can trace the history of the war further. When a country surrendered, it is usually still left many troops and weapons, rare until nobody left (of). But this never happened in the archipelago's defense of self-esteem until war erupted puputan. There are at least in Bali, led by I Gusti ktut Jelantik in Aceh and Aceh people's time maintaining the Fort kutoreh. This is a reflection of a desire for independence manifested in all-out war without the expense of the rest of the body and soul.

So what right we are a nation of losers? No, we are a courageous nation. We're just a little forgotten with our past.

Is it true that we are a nation that corrupt? Once, in the archipelago we ever have a title of Queen Sima of Kalingga. He is famous as a King in a fair, honest and assertive. The reign of Queen Sima famous clean. This is a curious invite from Saudi who wants to test it with gold gems put there. None of the people who dare to touch it until one candidate when the Prince heir touch gold jewel. Merciless, Queen sima punish the fruit of the heart. One version of history mentions the Prince finally cut off his feet.

So what right we are a corrupt nation? Not, at least it never happened in the archipelago we ditegakan when the law, justice is realized. Maybe we are just a little forgotten with our past.
Whether we are a nation that stupid? That the oral Literature of the young Tan Domang from Riau which suggests ecological friendliness far before we know the term "Sustainable Development". Jendral Sudirman never made the Netherlands collapsed with the Innovation Strategy of the war against the United Kingdom while piercing Burma (we know it as a ploy by the guerrilla). With the help of Admiral Nala, Gadjah mada in a short time managed to change the pattern of defense that is becoming continental maritime-based. We are not a nation that is stupid. We're just a little forgotten with our past.

A nation in need of a dream or the "desire" to can be great. Vladmir putin along with ex-KGB colleagues have the desire "The Great Russia." Harbored Jews desire "the promised land". The people of Korea said: "Steel, steel, steel and Defeat Japan". Then what should be the Desire us?

Suppose Indonesia is a nation which "naughty" then to destroy Singapore and Malaysia it is enough to burn some of the outlying island. They'll be shortness of breath because of the smoke. Simply install the pirates or sea mines to destroy the world economy because of our very busy waters used as shipping lines (including china's oil supply). Equilibrium global climate will be disrupted if the forests in Kalimantan and Papua were destroyed. The realization that Indonesia holds a key role in the balance of global order, can be used as a point of departure to discover the "desire" that would pump up the passion of the young generation in building a nation.

Positive thinking, have a strong self-confidence as well as "desire" is the prerequisite to strong so that we can become a developed nation.

Idea four: the reading of the world and Indonesia

The pattern of movement of students, pamuda and the student Indonesia is closely related to how the readings against the world and the country of Indonesia. Many ways of reading the world. Most pengangkangan see the world as the one against the other: the West against the East, North against South, capitalists against third world countries etc. (theory dependent). People reading the Postmodern world that has become a war of imagologi, not to mention a war of ideology. Marketing people might read the world today as the time of venus (female symbol: emotions, perceptions) and not to mention the time of mars (the symbol of the male: logic). In an age of venus is a product not only judged on functionality alone but also how the product is able to touch the emotions of consumers by playing the perception. People will see the world Geopolitical shifts the distribution strength of uni-polar (American hegemony) heading into multi polar (EU, china, India, latin America etc.).

There is also a reading society the world today as a community post capitalist society is one of its knowledge. In this society, knowledge, innovation and creativity are the main role in the keberjalanan of civilization. This reflected one of the background of the richest people of the world today are derived from the innovator-information technology innovator.

Colleagues from the movement of the Organization read the pengangkangan world as one against the other, read Indonesia with the terminology surrounding poverty, corrupt and considers this problem caused by the tyranny of the ruling will certainly gave birth to the movement patterns of digerakan spirit of resistance. The actions undertaken will be filled with shades of bomb, memories of the past and girder jargon struggle and resistance. Still relevankah with the present situation?

It certainly will be different with colleagues who read the world as an integrated knowledge masayarakat globally, read as Indonesia as one of the countries with the longest coast line, as a country that has many endemic varieties, then reading University main knowledge as manufacturer in Indonesia as well as storing a myriad of great potential.

Then how should the House of students should read the world?
There's a fascinating discourse tells of The Rulling Class of Indonesia. Discourse of The Rulling Class is derived from the thought Anis Basweidan. Simply put, the rulling class refers to a group of young men at a mass that eventually became the leader of Indonesia's elite/in his future. There are already at least three generations of the rulling class.

The Rulling Class first is the young men who got lucky when the Netherlands political ethical education was conceived. They are a generation of Sukarno, hatta and so on. They lead when Indonesia independence. The next era is the era of independence. At the time of growing military entities. The second is the Rulling class youth who takes part in a unity-unity of the military. In the end they lead when new order Indonesia. The next Class is Rulling the activist student who took part in the upheaval and transition of old order to the new order. It is they who now becomes the national political elite. From here arises the question: "who is the Rulling class next?"

Some are proposing that the rulling class next is young men who are members of the Group of young entrepreneur. If the first person who has political access is automatically controlled access business and industry and in the future is happening is the opposite, the man who controlled the access business and industry would be easy also ruled politics.

But the Young Entrepreneur here could also meant broadly, i.e. not just the person who is doing business. Entrepreneur is a set of Innovative, creative character and desire to continually create value added.

To be able to realize the Indonesia adapif generation and progressive, the pattern of struggle must be based upon the student House of Indonesia over the proper reading of the related situation of the world and the future of Indonesia.

Fifth: the idea of the vision of the future and Fantasy at a time

What is done by the youth is currently determining how Indonesia 30 years. Therefore, the Indonesia Youth must get used to hone the sharpness of his related manifestation of Indonesia's future. And this idea will be born when the House of Assembly, want to berdialektika students in good academic culture, that culture that reflects the scientific integrity of the student House of Indonesia.

One time I ever mengkhayalkan the life of a student at a University where one day College quantum physics had to be given extra time because the professors had to break up the hard debate two student groups who are arguing whether the associated the uncertainty arises because of limited human Heissenberg in observing to be sure, the real nature or indeed an essential nature is born of nature indeed runs with uncertain. This is similar to Bohr and Einstein quarrels. Einstein: "God does not play dice in the creation of the universe!". Bohr: "God not only plays dice, he threw it to the place that nobody we know.

I fantasized going to hear a great discussion in canteen-cafeteria of the campus. I heard a discussion of related Industrial engineering students should efficiency be the only value in the production process, discussions of environmental engineering students related ecological conservation should be always at odds with the actualization economic potential as well as the debate about "deep ecology versus anthroposentris", discussion of the student Planologi and marine engineering related spatial patterns and infrastructure that must be built to shift the pattern of development of Indonesia from the base Continental to maritime base, biology and Pharmacy student discussion of the related utilization of biodiversity to improve the quality of nutrition and public health. I also fantasized heard the argument of the terrestrial students faculty about how lifting the oil can go up 50%.

I fantasized going to see daily campus bustling boulevard filled with exhibition of student works. Here I see the work of students of mechanical engineering in the form of pump Hydraulic Ram (working with the principles of the water hammer effect) which was intended to be distributed to rescue thousands of farmers that water resources were under paddy field and could not afford to buy Diesel Pump.
Also presented the work of students of engineering physics in the form of corn dryers so that thousands of corn growers were able to save the jagungnya longer without risk of being corn tape. There is also the work of students of electrical engineering in the form of micro hydro power plants that will be didistibusikan into the area that have not been teraliri of electricity. Then be displayed anyway BDS (Business Development Service) built by the students of the school of business and management as well as engineering students of Informatics to help restructure the management operations of hundreds of convection in Bandung. Informatics Engineering students here to distribute simple accounting software while the students of the school of business and management help to access capital and management consulting.

Science. Technology and art are the motor of civilization. When intellect is in harmony with art, then humanity will be born. Then I mengkhayalkan that at the same University, which exists throughout Indonesia apart from manifest obolan dikantin and hustle like the boulevard is also another form of hustle tone aka Orchestra featuring the works of Mozart, theatre bring the drama of Shakespeare and the epic Mahabharata. Many servings of creativity "sons and daughters of the region" that pack the local wisdom of his territory in modern theatrical Literature such as oral servant tan domang from Riau, Sabil, Hikayat Hikayat hang tuah and so on.

The young generation that is adaptive and progressive will be coloring activites in the struggle for the people who inspired the spirit of science good science, technology or art.

Epilogue: the unity of Ideas to realize the next-generation Student House of the Adaptive and progressive Indonesia '

After visited Malaysia three years ago, the author concludes that one person is simply superior to Indonesia than Malaysia and one person the equivalent of one person Japan. However, the ten person Malaysia will beat ten-man Indonesia and three Japan will beat ten-man Indonesia. The nation of Indonesia is simply no shortage of smart people. But the nation of Indonesia has weaknesses in shaping cooperation and kesatuokoh.

Therefore, the overall idea of keyword above is collaboration. It is time the young and literate Indonesia together, building a vision of the future of Indonesia will be in shades of movement of intellectuals. This movement will be effective when it is in one organization or networks between academic organizations.

The Organization of the movement have built upon the conceptions of consciousness that intellectuals have a role as a locomotive of civilization as well as the obligation to have integrity against science investments.

The organization is also the movement of the container where the academic culture is nourished, as well as being the place where the future vision Indonesia was initiated. This organization moves based on the values of innovation and creativity so that it was able to become the site of the nation's leader cadre recruitment candidates to learn to lead change.

Sukarno had a "revolution" is written not only in the Country but also in the alleys of the slums in cities. Suharto also has a "national development" which is spoken not only in the speeches of the President but also to the head-head in villages. Therefore, these Intellectuals Movement Organizations (whatever his form) must be able to offer the "desire" of the entire people of Indonesia. I.e. "desire" which is capable of pumping a surge of optimism and passion as well as all components of the nation struggle. It is a place where the young generation that is adaptive and pprogresif are formed.

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