Latest developments on Humanoid Robots ‘ Atlas ‘ Capable Backflift (Salto backward)

On November 16, 2017 at youtube channel courtesy of Boston Dynamics, has released a recording (video clip) briefly about recent […]

On November 16, 2017 at youtube channel courtesy of Boston Dynamics, has released a recording (video clip) briefly about recent development of robots capable of performing motion Atlas backflip (salto backward). In the short recording shows robot can jump to a series order box grades from low to high enough into the box. Then jumps and spins towards the right followed by a backflip (salto backward) perfectly without falling[1]. This is exactly the same as done by professional athletes-athletes in sports.

The following short video recording of the backflip on the Boston Atlas robot Dynamics,


The ATLAS is a robot Humanoid robot (the form resembles the body of menusia) the latest hi-tech developed by Boston Dynamics. Mounted on a robot control system ATLAS a highly sophisticated form of coordination of movement i.e. the arms, torso, and legs in order to achieve a stable balance and not easy to fall down on the floor like a smooth terrain and terrain rough as in sandy soil. ATLAS also designed for robots can return rose to stand upright when he knocked down fell to the floor. One of the capabilities of ATLAS is the robot can lift weights in the form of a box and put it on the shelf that have been provided. This ability is almost exactly the same with the ability possessed by humans[2][3].

Boston Dinamics illustrates the sophistication of a robot with a saying: “Atlas of coordinate control system of robot owned Atlas is a movement arm, torso, and legs to the body of the robot reaches the manipulation from the rest of the displacement (movements), this would greatly extending its range and it works “.

The robot has a 1.5 metre high Atlas and weight of 75 kg, with motion backflip that he did show how stable and powerful system of balance that is owned by this robot[2]. Robot Biped robot Atlas is the most stable and balanced currently made by Boston Dynamics. Some robots in order to be stable and balanced should at least have four feet, with two legs in front and two behind.

Boston Dynamics built by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the early 1990 ‘s and for more than two decades they have lead the industry of robotics. They later acquired by Google in 2013 and sold early this year to the SoftBank Group, Japan. In addition, Boston Dynamics is also the most famous company in developing robot BigDog. Bigdog is a four-legged robot designed to traverse rough terrain which is capable of carrying payloads of up to 150kg. Development of BigDog is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In the Robotics project being developed by Boston Dynamics that there are nine (9) different types of robots that they make IE SPOTMINI, ATLAS, handles, SPOT, LS3, WILDCAT, BIGDOG, SANDFLEA, and REX. Each of the robots were developed with technology and different functions[2].

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