Effie: Automatic Replacement Of Conventional Ironing Machine

Irons (Netherlands: strijkijzer) is a tool used to remove wrinkles on clothes (shirt, pants, jacket, etc.) and then heated in […]

Irons (Netherlands: strijkijzer) is a tool used to remove wrinkles on clothes (shirt, pants, jacket, etc.) and then heated in the rub. There are several kinds of conventional iron ever used charcoal and iron, namely electric irons[1]. Along with the changing times of charcoal irons tend to be abandoned by the people because it is considered inefficient and was replaced with an electric iron.

Development of science and technology that is more advanced, have made people to think how to make use of them in daily clothes ironing makes it easy. The high mobility of busyness in everyday work made most people don't have the time to simply ironing clothes. Irons is currently considered annoying, wasteful of time and effort, as well as difficult to do so in order to get the results neatly. Based on these two entrepreneurs named Rohan and Trevor make tool "Effie" which was capable of ironing clothes automatically by simply pressing one button Go (Street) on the tool[2].

sophisticated and modern iron
Effie penggati machine electric iron

Effie is a latest technology innovations that are able to help in tidying the clothes and don't need to use a conventional iron. Effie may be used on shirts, pants, t-shirts, blouses, dresses, bed linen, towels, pillowcases and more. Can even be used to dry socks, clothing, and other small items. Effie can handle almost all the materials and it only takes six minutes to dry out any material. Unlike traditional irons can burn or menggosongkan clothes, Effie using heat on low temperature combined with steam and not the case direct contact with dried material. Not only that Effie can also connect with smart phones that are used today to tell that the clothes have dried, gently inserted, and neat[3].

In the process of discharging, Effie need not be a difficult installation process (install), simply put in place (corner of the room) which we consider the most easy and safe to keep the Effie easily in reach. Operate Effie is very easy to use, just simply hang the clothes on the hanger rail, having pressed the button ' Go ' will be dried and ironed one by one. Effie can accommodate as many as 12 (twelve) of clothes in a single process. Effie in design on 3 (three) mode at once i.e. smoothing (ironing), smoothing, and drying[2].

Here's a video of a tool named "Effie" which facilitates job ironing clothes,

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8NYzQAVF7Q[/embedyt]

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