After the Robot is an intelligent Program named Sophia, Shibuya Mirai also got the Official Identity of the Government of Japan

On Saturday, 4 November 2017, a program with artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, AI) has officially received the identity (ID) in […]

On Saturday, 4 November 2017, a program with artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, AI) has officially received the identity (ID) in the city’s busiest district of Tokyo, Japan. And since that time also the images from the document on population identity of artificial intelligence has been disseminated widely to the public.  The artificial intelligence exists only in the virtual world (not real) named “Shibuya Mirai” resembling a boy aged 7 years. A boy named “Shibuya Mirai” is not able to interact with humans directly because there is no physically, but can do conversation in writing (text) with humans on the application message LINE. This makes it the first Mirai Shibuya Japan and perhaps the first in the world where a bot (computer program) which has artificial intelligence given places to stay in real life in the local district of Tokyo[1].


Official identity cards “Shibuya Magpie”

Artificial intelligence in the form of bot that bermana “Minato Mirai” means each on two constituent said his name. The first word of “Shibuya” ter-inspiration from the popular fashion district in town that attracts many young people. While the second word “Mirai” means “Japan’s future”. The purpose of the giving of the name implied meaning that “future technology in the hands of young children[2]”. Children-age “Shibuya Mirai” is supposed to be studying in primary school for the first year of school.

The local government is very enthusiastic about the existence of chat-bot named ‘ Shibuya Mirai “. Purpose of creation says Mirai Shibuya so that local government district may be more familiar with regional officials and allowing citizens to listen to the opinion of the inhabitants of the region. Developers of “Shibuya Mirai told Microsoft that jointly develop artificial intelligence, namely:

“His (Shibuya Mirai) taking pictures (selfie) and observe people. And he liked to communicate with text messages with people. Please speak with the “Shibuya Mirai” about anything.[1] “

A week before “Minato Mirai” gets his official identity, right on October 25, 2017 at Future Investment Summit Riyadh, a robot named Sophia also has obtained full citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Read the article titled get acquainted with Sophia, Smart Robot with world’s first Citizenship Status. Robot “Shopia” different to “Shibuya Mirai”, which has a physical manifestation of Sophia for real and people can communicate directly with her limited. Sophia is a humanoid robot developed by the company Hanson Robotics residing in Hong Kong. Sophia has been designed to learn and adapt to human behavior and work with people, and has also been interviewed in various States, including got citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Sophia said that he was first activated on April 19, 2015[3].

Based on a study published by Science Journal, titled “What is consciousness, and could machines have it?” Based on the results of research the scientists stated that the human brain is the part that’s for sure and can no doubt have the nature of consciousness. Then the scientists suggest that “consciousness” is not just isolated (regarded) as “self awareness” course. However, defined as “choose an information for the purpose of calculation of” and “is able to monitor a computation that can create a definite subjective concept (right)”[2][4].

Minato Mirai and Sophia is a form of progress in the development of artificial intelligence. Sometimes arise dibenak us regarding a question, does the robot like Sophia and Shibuya Mirai has consciousness? In 1974, the American national anthem, the philosopher Thomas Nagel asking questions to a bat: what it feels to be a bat? This is the basic question that consciousness cannot be explained by physical processes in the brain. More than 40 years later, advances in artificial intelligence and understanding of the nerves which prompts re-evaluation of the claim that consciousness is not the physical processes and thus cannot be replicated on the robot. But by studying consciousness and how the workings of the human brain we can make artificial intelligence through the process of calculation mathematics for robot Sophia and Shibuya Mira[5]i.

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