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Siringmakar 15: “Critical Thinking Stimulation”


Pemateri : Thohiriyah, S.S., M.Hum
Notulen  : Sofiana Afifah Jamil


Ms. Thohiriyah : “What do you know about critical thinking?”

Participants’ responsed :

  1. I think It is the ability to think clearly and rationally;
  2. In my opinion, Critical Thinking is a ability to see the core;
  3. It is the ability to deep thinking about something;
  4. analysis, sintesis, and evaluation;
  5. According to me, critical thinking is skills to think accurate in our mind;
  6. I think critical thingking is how we recieve an information and solve a problem and take the logic on it;
  7. An ability to create. Critical thinking is how to see the thing in detail and clearly;
  8. Critical Thinking is an art of thinking, thinking out of the box. An ability to solve problem, think rationally, think clearly;
  9. I think is a big question about something and found the solution;
  10. I think it is a thought that comes up with a short time with can cover a fairly wide problem;
  11. Critical thinking, the ability to think clearly and rationally. Bisa memilih milih mana yang bener mana yang salah. How do we know what we know is true.

Ms. Thohiriyah : Everyone please put your eyes on the picture below :


Ms. Thohiriyah : Can you see all the picture? Then, what do you see in the picture?

Participants’ responsed :

  1. People reading a bunch of book and listening something;
  2. The boy yang penuh konsentrasi mencari sesuatu tapi belum menemukannya, sudah 3 buku dibuka, tapi apa yang dicari lelaki itu?;
  3. The boy is mengerjakan sesuatu with listening music and he looking answer from  buku yang ada;
  4. some one … he is reading a book and thingking something in his mind;
  5. Someone who is to do multitasking.. he is using his laptop for googling, and his books for other information;
  6. A man focus on reading a book while listening something with his earphone. Perhaps he find some references;
  7. He is reading a book and listening music. But I see, he was opened 3 books. I thought it’s a multitask, dan multitasking itu sulit untuk membuat orang focus. And don’t forget to see the expression;
  8. If I think the man on the picture can not focus on one point because he read while listening to music that can not logically hehe;
  9. A man who has read books and open his laptop, but still like thinking of something which he wants to know more;
  10. I see a man that is looking for something spesific topic or material from many books. So he can deeply understand the material and avoid minconceptions;
  11. A boy reading a book while listening music;
  12. He reads many book to seek the best answer and hear some music, maybe he want to more focus;
  13. Well, a man who is sitting, maybe he is practicing to learn a new language, french I would say?. While he is checking on the book some new learnings with audio which may help him to improve his listening skill as well. Maybe, he also is watching a movie that related to his current learnings. Such a multitasking on learning?. Ah, and let me try to guess the cup, a cup of coffee with milk, so he’ll learn tiredlessly;
  14. He reads many book to get more insightful knowledge. Supaya bisa dapet “the big picture” dari segala hal.

Ms. Thohiriyah : Now reading session.. anyone loves reading?

Participants’ responsed :

  1. Of course. I love to read a lot.. not just on my subject matter but everything;
  2. Who doesn’t? We’re Indonesian;
  3. i loves reading very much;
  4. Yes.

Ms. Thohiriyah : Owh so glad knowing you all are enthusiastic about reading! You know, you just read. What you have done just now is reading. Reading a visual text. Thank you for the all responses. What you have done just now is reading. Reading a visual text. Reading a picture.

  1. How do you know if the boy is “listening to music and looking answer from buku yang ada?”;
  2. How do you know, “The boy yang penuh konsentrasi mencari sesuatu?”;
  3. How do you know if he is “thinking of something?”;
  4. How do you know if “he is googling?”;
  5. How do you know if “he find some references?”;
  6. How do you know if “he is thinking?”;
  7. How do you know he is “looking for something spesific topic or material from many books?”;
  8. One of you whose the post I just noted, please give me a response… .

Participants’ responsed :

  1. When I mengerjakan sesuatu  I always listening music, and he open laptop maybe there is his homework or something that he kerjakan. Then he open some book that he belum menyelesaikan buku yang dibacanya,  maybe he tidak menemukan jawaban in the first book, then he open second book dan tetap tidak menemukan jawaban then he open third book….;
  2. I guess his hand and eyes tell us that he is thinking;
  3. Because he tekuk his hand, and the boy open 3 books bersamaan;
  4. I’m not sure, but I relate it to the other people and myself habit. Just my asumsi..;
  5. “Some references”;
  6. Because he had a bunch of books, look at how serious is his face. And i see a laptop beside him. A bunch of books+serious face+laptop=essay?;
  7. What i see, i see a man, books, laptop, glass, earphone;
  8. by read your messege/see the picture.. process the information and than I’m guessing in my mind (thingking). we are just try to solve your question by THINKING;
  9. Couse there are 3 books open. He may be looking for something and compare each book material to get deeper concept.

Ms. Thohiriyah : Thank you.. What is my question (what do you see in the picture) dealing with the picture?

Participants’ responsed :

  1. Ya itu terkait;
  2. Ya, bukan apa yg dilakukan orang itu… .

Ms. Thohiriyah : Membaca pertanyaan juga harus “critical” ya ternyata, hehe. Jadi jika pertanyannya seperti yang saya tanyakan di atas (what do you see in the picture) harusnya jawaban bagaimana ya?

Participants’ responsed :

  1. Buku, seorang pria dengan earphonnya, laptop, rak buku;
  2. I see people, book laptop, sofa lamp, rak buku, earphone, patung karpe5;
  3. The answer, is something that we can see directly without membutuhkan penjelasan lain, for example, there’s a man who was wearing an earphone, with books, a cup of coffee and laptops;
  4. This is critical thinking, exactly.

Ms. Thohiriyah’s explanation on the 1st picture :

Nah apa yang teman-teman sekalian lakukan adalah melakukan “interpretasi”. You should’ve provided description for the picture as I only asked you what you see in the picture.

Apakah tadi saya menginstruksikan untuk menginterpretasi teks?

Saya hanya tanya, “apa yang Anda lihat dalam gambar?”

Nah sekali lagi, membaca pertanyaan juga harus “critical”. Salah satu elemen penting dalam critical thinking adalah Anda dapat membedakan deskripsi dan interpretasi.

“Buku, seorang pria dengan earphonnya, laptop, rak buku” ini adalah deskripsi tentang apa yang dia lihat dalam gambar.

“Analysis, Sintesis, and Evaluation” ini merujuk pada definisi yang telah teman-teman post.

Apakah tadi Anda semua telah melakukan “analisis” ketika Anda post jawaban? Ataukah anda langsung posting pokoknya jika orang yang sedang membuka buku itu pasti sedang membaca?.

Orang buka buku bisa jadi cuma mau lihat apakah halamannya ada yang kurang alias cacat atau tidak. Orang buka buku bisa jadi ia ingin ambil duit yang ia selipkan/sembunyikan dalam buku. Orang buka buku bisa jadi ia sedang ngeliatin poto mantan yang ia sembunyikan dalam buku yang penuh kenangan. Orang buka buku karena mau ngerobek halaman buku yang membuat dia ingat mantannya, dst.

“In real life, orang yang buka buku, kemungkinan sedang membacanya” Kemungkinan-kemungkinan ini adalah contoh dari “interpretasi”. Sekali lagi saya tidak meminta teman-teman untuk “interpreting” tapi saya hanya tanya aja apa yang dilihat dalam gambar. Sampai di sini, sudah bisa membedakan deskripsi dan interpretasi?.

Pernah dengar ini tidak teman-teman, “I shop therefore I am?” Atau misalnya ini, “I sleep, therefore I am” (utk orang yg suka boim) 😀 Pernah denger temen-temen bilang “aku shopping maka aku ada” (yang hobi shopping). Atau, “aku tidur, maka aku ada” (yang suka tidur). “aku main mobile legend, maka aku gaul”.

Participant responsed : “I think, therefore i am.. – Rene Descartes “

Ms. Thohiriyah : Great. Nah, ini Critical Thinking. Dia mikir dulu baru posting, tidak langsung pos simpulan tanpa mikir dlu. Hehe Ada banyak definisi mengenai critical thinking


  1. The intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully;
  2. Conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or;
  3. Evaluating information gathered from, or generated by;
  4. Observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or;
  5. Communication, as a guide to belief and action (Scriven and Paul (n.d.).

Untuk menghidari lompatan maka temen-temen diharap melakukan analisis dulu, lalu evaluasi, baru menyimpulkan.

Ms. Thohiriyah : Let’s try again. Can you all see the picture I just sent?. Guys, please provide descriptions for the second picture.


Participants’ responsed :

  1. 2 people, rain, beach;
  2. Two people who are take foto at beach under the rain. They are holding hand (gandeng tangan).. and women bring flowers at her left hand;
  3. 2 orang, 1 laki, 1 perempuan, 1 memakai jas dan 1 lagi memakai gaun, bergandengan tangan, yg perempuan memegang sesuatu, tidak tau tempatnya dimana;
  4. 1. Pria 2. Wanita 3. Bawa bunga 4. Air turun dari atas (belum tentu hujan) 5. Air menggenangi kaki;
  5. 2 orang, air;
  6. 2 orang berpegang tangan, berdiri ditempat berair. Orang pertama memakai jas hitam dan orang kedua menggunakan gaun dan memegang bunga;
  7. 2 people just married  they take a photo on a lake (?) With background hill di tengah hujan, the man wearing jas, and the woman wearing gaun, the woman bring flower, they bergandengan tangan;
  8. two people dressed like brides carrying flowers that women and there is water that also inundate watering;
  9. I think they celebrate their marriage on nature after they celebrate it in building…ahhh i dunno.

Ms. Thohiriyah :

Siapa yang tahu mereka married?. Barangkali cuma foto buat iklan majalah bridal? deskripsi adalah jawaban apa yang anda lihat. Nah sekarang coba, provide interpretation dealing with the 2nd picture.

Participants’ responsed :

  1. A man, holding hands with a woman. They’re doing their pre-wedding photos in a shallow waters in the middle of the rain. (This is an interpretation, not a description) cmiiw;
  2. Sepasang kekasih yang baru saja menyelesaikan foto pernikahannya, pergi ke pantai untuk menikmati indahnya hidup ini, bergandengan tangan, saling jatuh cinta, disertai dengan turunnya hujan;
  3. Sepasang kekasih hendak shooting utk membuat video prewedding yg lagi nge hits jaman now di sebuah danau. Tp tiba2 hujan jadi shooting dibatalkan akhirnya mereka mengabadikan moment kesedihan mreka krn shootingnya harus ditunda sampai hujan selesai;
  4. Man, woman, bouquet of flower, water, gawn, coat, water, trees;
  5. A man and a woman taking a photoshoot as a wedding couple for fashion bridal album.

Ms. Thohiriyah : Untuk peserta saja, Coba interpretasikan gambar ini ya..


Participants’ responsed :

  1. Dua orang sedang foto di balik tembok yang ada background nya menara kembar atau 2 orang yang sedang berfoto lalu diedit background nya menjadi gambar menara kembar;
  2. Well, a young couple is enjoying their holiday in Malaysia;
  3. Pasangan yg bahagia, berfoto di menara kembar sembari menikmati waktu berlalu;
  4. Ada 2 manusia yang diketahui berjenis kelamin wanita dan lelaki sedang berpose bahagia. Dengan background sebuah gedung yg menjulang;
  5. Firstly trip in malaysia and take a mainstream picture at twin tower with fully happy expression;
  6. Ini kakak beradik kayaknya sih lagi kampanye pasangan dengan nomor urut 5;
  7. Why a couple ? They looks happy, like a “honeymoon” happy. They’re wearing matching clothes. Actually, I’m not sure whether the background is real or they took a picture in front of a wall with wallpaper of tower’s picture;
  8. Two students who join an exchange program to Malaysia.

Ms. Thohiriyah : Ini adalah komentar dari orang yang ada di gambar 3 tsb.




Sangat berbahaya jika Anda langsung posting simpulan tanpa menganalisis lebih lanjut. Dalam kegiatan ilmiah, menyampaikan argumen harus didasari dengan teori juga referensi untuk menghindari false interpretation.


Anggap saja gambar terahir itu adalah objek riset. Anda harus  diharuskan melakukan riset dahulu sebelum menyampaikan interpretasi. Misalnya riset apakah benar Twin Tower itu adalah background editan? dengan menggunakan teori digital photography misalnya… Lalu riset lagi apakah benar mereka sedang tersenyum “bahagia” dengan menambahkan data dari hasil wawancara misalnya dengan narasumber.

Bisa Anda lihat ya dari komen japri/pc pemilik poto mengatakan bahwa poto dia asli “bukan editan”.. apa yg akan terjadi jika kita langsung main posting atau kalau bahasa jawa “asal jeplak”? yang ada hanya menimbulkan hoax baru. reproducing hoax.. padahal gambarnya fakta. Karena gambarnya fakta, maka kita seharusnya bisa menyampaikan deskripsi.

Participants’ responsed :

  1. “Aaahhh…be careful to give interpretation yaaaa”;
  2. Jangan langsung percaya makanya.

Ms. Thohiriyah : Apapun yang kalian baca sangat deserve to be questioned. Nah, itu adalah salah satu saja elemen Critical Thinking. Masih ada banyak lagi, hehehe. Untuk stimulasi kali ini cukup membedakan Deskripsi dan Interpretasi, ya. Saya cukupkan sampai di sini, terima kasih untuk semuanya yang telah bergabung.


E-Book Critical Thinking, silahkan download di :


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